Temporary provisions for COVID-19 Coronavirus

Most of our customers are, of course, worried about going on a cruise. The shipping companies have tightened control over all passengers on board to ensure that they are completely asymptomatic.

According to information from the Icelandic government and the health authorities, this period will last for two to three months and will be relinquished when the shipping period begins in Iceland, in the latter part of May.

We have decided not to mix passengers from different cruise ships in one and the same bus or to mix cruise passengers with passengers from hotels or guesthouses.

Precautions and Hygiene
In all our buses, we have installed alcohol based disinfectant canisters and we have increased the control of all cleaning of our buses after each tour.


Change of booking terms
Due to COVID-19, IG Tours and FAB Travel have decided to change the booking conditions temporarily.

Limited seat availability
Due to declining demand, we have decided to limit the availability of seats this summer and will not increase the number of buses. We remind passengers that it is important to secure a seat as soon as possible for a Mini-BUS tour.

Information from the Directorate of Health

Information from the Directorate of Health