In Iceland there are a few ports large enough for cruise ships to dock and most of them arrive during the summer time.

We at Iceland Guided Tours and our syster company FAB Travel, offer high quality, small group tours from the main ports servicing the passengers of the Cruise Ships.

The main ports we service are Reykjavik, the capital in the south of Iceland, in Akureyri the capital of the north, Ísafjörður in the west of Iceland and Seyðisfjörður in the east.


The port in Akureyri is great destination for those wanting to visit the beutiful city of Akureyri and the natural gems in that area.The north of Iceland is famous for whale watching but the the most popular day tours are to the area around Mývatn where you will find a very diverse landscape and natural gems including beautiful waterfalls such as Goðafoss, a geothermal area and beautiful lavaformations in Dimmuborgir.


In Reykjavik there are two major ports with Hafnarbakki being right in the center of Reykjavik and Skarfabakki being the more common stop just a few minutes away. Ideal starting point for a journey to the Golden Circle or a visit to the South Coast of Iceland. Two of Icelands most popular sightseeing destinations with glorious waterfalls, erupting Geysers, black sand beaches and glaciers.


Up in the north western part of Iceland you will find some of the most remote and hard to get to areas. This includes the old fishing village Ísafjörður. Amazing mountain views and magnificent waterfalls await those that venture out with us into the wild.


Seyðisfjörður harbour provides an ideal destination for Cruise Ships. The peaceful village, shaped by Norwegian entrepreneurs over a century ago, lies sheltered by dramatic snow-flecked mountains. The colourful Norwegian-style houses render this village unique in Iceland and walking trails around town, out along the coast or by the Fjarðará River, allow for many pleasureable and relaxing experiences. We offer you to see many of  East Icelands´s pearls around Lögurinn Lake, including, Fellabær, Skriðuklaustur manor estate, Fljótsdalsstöð Power plant, Hallormsstaðaskógur forrest and Gufufoss waterfall.



Grundarfjörður is well known for its excellent natural harbour, which is the district’s lifeline. Grundarfjörður offers easy access to both the Snæfellsnes peninsula and west Iceland, combining the breathtaking natural beauty of the peninsula with the rich cultural heritage of the whole of west Iceland. The Snæfellsnes glacier is a magnificent attraction, as is the wonderful bird life in the area.  Points of historical and cultural interest are dotted all over the peninsula. The people on the peninsula are friendly and happy to receive visitors.