2018 summer will start with an explosion

1 minute read26 Apr 2018 Author: Halldor Örn Tryggvason

This year it is estimated that 166 cruise ships are heading to port Faxaflóahafnir in Reykjavík with roughly 150.000 passenger. And if we add the number of crew members (65.000) we get around 215.000 people that are expected to arrive in Reykjavík this summer. Cruise ship traffic in Reykjavík is on track to set a new record this year.

The same goes for Akureyri, which lies in the north of Iceland. Port of Akureyri is expecting 181 cruise ships with 135.000 passenger and 57.000 crew members. So it is around 192.000 people heading to Akureyri this summer. And we can't wait.

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