A passion for Iceland

4 minute read31 Oct 2017 Author: Halldor Örn Tryggvason

There was a time when I thought independant travel was the only way to travel. Organised tours are for sissies I thought. Guidebook in hand, I would do it my way. After a tour with Iceland Guided Tours I had to change my tune quite drastically as I came to the realisation that even the best guidebooks to Iceland can only scratch the surface of a country that has been quietly churning out more documented history, primarily in the form of Sagas for over 1,000 years.

Storytellers Par Excellence

Like all of Iceland Guided Tours’ guides, Helgi Davidsson knows Icelandic history and those Sagas well and is full of stories and anecdotes that bring his tours to life. “Iceland has a particularly rich history that has been well documented since at least 930 when the settlement period began. Being able to draw from this wealth of information is what sets us apart from many others and in this way our tours really come alive”, Helgi explains.

A magical mystical tour

One of Iceland Guided Tours newest tours is a day trip to Snæfellsnes National Park in West Iceland. The tour takes you right around this mystical peninsula with its very own glacier capped active volcano, Snæfellsjökull. Several of the most well known sites on the peninsula also happen to be quite unique to island. Take Arnastapi for instance: a popular spot on the peninsula’s south coast where lava from a long ago eruption came oozing its way right down to the edge of the sea, creating three unusual circular formations known as ‘blow-holes’. Here, on windy days (read: almost daily) waves crash spectacularly inside them, making for a very impressive sight.

Snæfellsnes is also home to some of Iceland’s most extraordinary citizens; a 17th century serial killer, a well-travelled Viking woman who married Leif Eriksson’s younger brother, and a half-man, half-troll Bárður Snæfellsás who is thought to be the guardian spirit of the peninsula. These are just some of the outstanding treasures found only on Snæfellsnes Peninsula and what better way to learn about them than via Iceland Guided Tours.

Small groups and personal service

With a fleet of modern minibuses that take not more than 18 passengers at a time,

Iceland Guided Tours specialises in small groups and personalised service, at very reasonable prices. And with one of Iceland Guided Tours ultra-knowledgeable guides at your service, you may just want to leave your guide books at home!

Article by Marie Valgardsson

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