Details for Reykjanes - 10 in 5

Reykjanes Peninsula, Young and Beautiful (10 stops in 5 hours)


If you like to visit 10 natural attractions in 5 hours, or if you are looking for short tour experience with

maximum sights , or if you are on your way to the Keflavik International airport but wish to see a bit more of Iceland, this tour is just for you.


This tour offers visits to 10 most important attractions on the Reykjanes peninsula in a short time (5 hours). The tour involves not only admiring the many
natural and geological sites the peninsula offers, it is also an educational opportunity to learn about the cultural heritage of its population and social and economic background.

The peninsula is home to a number of active volcanoes, large harnessed and unharnessed geothermal fields and numerous hot springs, very wide lava fields, ragged landscapes and dramatic coastline, the very popular Blue Lagoon spa, the Bridge between continents, numerous small fishing settlements. This is the area where the so-called "Mid Atlantic ridge", the boundary between the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates, enters Iceland.


During the tour, we stop at:

After pick up, we drive straight to "The Icelandic White House" Bessastaðir, an ancient manor farm, official residence of the President of Iceland since 1941. It´s church is among the oldest buildings made of cemented stone in Iceland.

After a short stop here, we drive through Hafnarfjorður, a very charming town known for being home to one of Iceland´s largest settlements of elves and dwarves in Iceland.
It is also known as the Capital of the Viking.
We stop at Hellisgerði "The hidden people" Park for a magical journey through this fairylike place to learn about these hidden beings and to discover their dwellings. You will get a unique insight into the invisible world of elves and huldufolk(hidden people).

A viking village with its amazing architecture and arts is in the centre of the same town. A short picture stop at the site is included.

After a short stop at Lake Kleifarvatn, with no rivers tun to or from it "no visible surface drainage" as one of its unique features. It lies on the fissure zone of the Mid Atlantic Ridge.
In the year 2000 a large earthquake caused the lake to drain probably due to a fissures that opened up at its bottom.

We continue towards the colourful hot spring area of Seltún geothermal field in the Krýsuvík area where many mud pools, fumaroles, and minerals can be seen.

Grindavik, a small fishing village Grindavik, we visit the harbor and learn about the importance of the fishing industry in Iceland.
It is home to well established processing plants and a large fleet of fishing ships, Grindavík, a family oriented village. A crater on the planet Mars is named after the town in 2006.

A short visit to the Blue Lagoon spa, one of the most visited destinations in Iceland. The mineral rich hot water has a unique composition of three active ingredients - silica, sulphur, algae and sea-salt. Therefor, the water is known for its positive effects on the skin.

Reykjanestá or Reykjanestoe is the southwestern most point of Iceland. There, you can admire the cliffs teaming with birds and the Lighthouse. The first lighthouse in Iceland was built there, on Valahnúkur cliff. After its destruction by an earthquake in 1905, the new lighthouse was built in 1907-1908. The area is constantly being shaped by powerful high waves and surf. From there, you can see the small island Eldey, one of the largest gannet colonies of the world.

The Bridge between continents is our next stop. This footbridge, Known as Midlina or "Leif the Lucky Bridge", links two continents, North America and Europe together.

Gunnuhver is a higly active geothermal area of mud pools and steam vents. This is Iceland´s largest hot mud spring. The hot spring is named after Guðrún, a ghost woman who haunted the area.


Please note that:

From this last stop, it takes only about 10 minutes to the Keflavik International Airport where we stop before heading back to Reykjavik.
Therefore, the tour is an ideal optin for those who on the way to the airport for their return flight. They can enjoy this tour that provides so many attractions in a short time before the flight.

This last stop is also about 35 minutes away from Reykjavik. This gives you an opportunity to combine this tour with other tours and activites, for instance the Reykjavik city tour.

Duration        5 hours
Pick up        09:30-10:00
Departure       10:00
Tour ends       14:30 airport   15:00 Reykjavik 
Tour available       Mon, Thu, Sun


Tour includes:

English speaking driver-guide
Hotel pick up/drop off
Keflavík Airport drop off

Not included:

Refreshments, drinks

Price per person:

    Adults(12+)      8.900ISK    
   Children (2-12)      4.450ISK