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5 minute read17 Jan 2019 Author: Melanie Waha

Take a look at our environmental Policy online https://www.igtours.is/en/about-us/environmental-policy

White Arctic Inc is a new company that owns both IG Tours inc and FAB Travel inc. The company's policy is to be a first class model for environmental issues. Our goal is to minimize the negative environmental impact of the companies' activities and seeks to have a positive impact on the environment and society.

As the name suggests, we want to keep the NORTHERN WALLS white, and we intend to balance out the carbon dioxide we release into the environment.

In order for this to happen, everyone - managers and employees alike - must be committed to reducing the polluting effects of cars and appliances as well as targeting measures to reduce the use of other hazardous substances.

White Arctic and its subsidiary companies operate group coaches. Such activities may adversely affect the environment. The company is aware of these effects and has set clear criteria to minimize these as much as possible by taking action measures.

These three companies released 170 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for the use of their vehicles in 2018. As a counter-action a decision was made to plant 6,000 - 10,000 plants each year. In 2018 employees of the company planted 6,600 trees.

The company needs to plant 265,000 plants to equalize emissions released by the vehicles by 2018. The company will have recovered all carbon dioxide emissions within approximately 8 years.


We have decided the following:

 •   We inform employees about the environmental policy of the companies and want them to be aware of the importance of environmental protection.
 • We convey our environmental policy to our customers and emphasize the importanse of helping us to enforce it.
 • For every single trip from Reykjavík, Akureyri or Ísafjörður we usually plant 5.5 trees.
 • We only use recyclable plastic or paper bags for trash.
 • We drive as environmentally friendly as possible.
 • We try to avoid letting the engines run when the car is parked.
 • We try to avoid letting the engines run when the car is parked.
 • We renew our fleet with cars that pollute less and meet the required pollution standards. Currently, about 80% of our fleet has AdBlue additives.
 • We use environmentally friendly materials for cleaning the fleet of the companies.
 • We monitor and sort all waste, but at the same time, aim to reduce it.
We record all spillages and incidents related to the operation of our fleet and maintenance garage.
We notify the appropriate authorities in case of environmental incidents.
We prefer to use suppliers and service providers who have certified environmental management systems.


What is AdBlue?

When a vehicle uses AdBlue, nitrogen dioxide produced by the diesel engine is converted to nitrogen and steam. This significantly reduces the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides, which is a major cause of pollution in the atmosphere. AdBlue is designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and help protect the environment.

White Arctic Inc has set itself the goal of regularly reviewing its environmental policy, improving its work and complying with the laws and regulations that apply to environmental issues in Iceland.

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