Nearly 7.000 trees planted

1 minute read09 Jul 2019 Author: Þröstur Emilsson


Employees of FAB Travel and Iceland Guided Tours recently planted nearly 7.000 trees. Carbon balance is part of the environmental policies of the companies and employees have planted thousands of trees in recent years.

White Arctic and its subsidiary companies; FAB Travel and Iceland Guided Tours, operate group coaches. Such activities may adversely affect the environment. The company is aware of these effects and has set clear criteria to minimize these as much as possible by taking action measures.

These three companies released 170 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for the use of their vehicles in 2018. As a counter-action a decision was made to plant 6.000 - 10.000 plants each year at our farm in the North West. For every single trip we take, we plant a number of trees. In 2018 employees of the companies planted 6,600 trees and few days ago they planted nearly 7.000 trees.

We need to plant at least 265.000 trees to equalize emissions released by the vehicles. Hopefully the company will have recovered all carbon dioxide emissions within approximately 8 years.

Few days ago, employees gathered at our farm on a bright sunny day and planted in a record time nearly 7.000 trees.

Trees, like other plants, photosynthesis. The result of photosynthesis is that oxygen (O2) is released into the atmosphere. Optical speed depends on many factors such as tree species, climatic conditions, soil fertility and so on. It is generally thought that from 1 hectare of forest, about 7 tonnes of oxygen per year are obtained. Each tree on this hectare is then giving off about 28 kg of oxygen per year or 0.077 kg per day. The adult uses about 0.80 kg of oxygen per day. From this it can be seen that 10 trees daily produce the oxygen that one person uses every day.

We are concerned about the environment and encourage our passengers to do the same.

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