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1 minute read05 Apr 2019 Author: Þröstur Emilsson

We have served Cruise Ship Passengers in years

IG Tours [Iceland Guided Tours] inc. and FAB Travel [Free As a Bird] inc. are sister companies that specialize in tours for Cruise Ship passengers. We provide number of tours from four different locations in Iceland; Reykjavík, Akureyri, Ísafjörður and Seyðisfjörður.

We pick our passengers up at the port and drop them off there after the tour.

FAB Travel inc. began offering tours for Cruise Ship passengers in 2005 and has therefore 14 years of experience in that business, more than most other Icelandic tour operators.

Never ever have we failed to bring back our passengers in time for Cruise Ships departure. We have always been back at the port in a timely manner, even though vehicles have mailfunctioned once or twice.

First bus of FAB Travel - 2003The coach fleet of IG Tours and FAB Travel has expanded over the years, enabling us to always have a spare car available if something unexpected comes up. We try to organize all our tours so that we always have some extra time when and if there are delays or happenings.


Our vehicles are new or recent and well equipped and the safety of our passengers is a priority. Free WiFi is available in all our vehicles, so that our passengers can, while enjoying the natural beauty, stay in touch with families and friends who are not traveling, send photos via phone or social media, instagram, facebook, snapchat and other.

USB charging is available in all our vehicles and 220v AC power for charging phones, computers, cameras and other equipment.

We strive to Go „the extra mile“ as your travel partner in Iceland and hope you will enjoy your visit.

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Here are some great tours we recommend


Golden Circle tour for Cruise Ships from Reykjavik

The great Golden Circle day tour is a must-do day tour out of Reykjavik. It offers you the opportunity to discover some of the highlights of southwest Iceland.

kr 12,900 6 Hours

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South Coast Tour from Reykjavik for Cruise Ship

The amazing south coast of Iceland has everything to offer. This small group mini bus tour is designed for cruise ship passengers

kr 14,900 9 Hours

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Laufás, Cowshed Café and Christmas House

Includes: Laufás, The Old Rectory in Eyjafjörður fjord, you will have a cup of coffee with the cows at Kaffi Kú and inhale the true christmas spirit in The Christmas Garden.

kr 11,900 4 Hours

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Northern Lights for Cruise Ships from Reykjavík

Aurora Borealis tour for Cruise Ships in Reykjavík

kr 9,900 3 Hours

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